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In order to fulfill its mission and to carry out activities such as the loan/investment fund, BCDI needs the broad support of the community. It is the community that identifies the needs to be addressed, as well as provides the resources to do so. With the basic structure in place (Board of Directors, Screening Committee established, by-laws, registered with the State of Maine, 501 c 3 status established), BCDI needs to broaden its membership, including the opportunity for neighbors to join in supporting neighbors. Membership is an important  part of meeting BCDI’s modest budget, but more importantly, the organization is committed to engaging the whole community.

What does my membership pay for?

Annual membership goes toward covering the operational costs of the programs and projects that BCDI carries out. The aim is to keep these costs to a minimum, but at a level where the process itself is sustainable. This includes the cost of registering with the State and the IRS, communications, bank fees, some transportation costs, and other administrative costs, and engaging management assistance as needed on an hourly basis. In addition to memberships, BCDI aims to meet its budget through grants (so far in 2016 a Bowdoin College Common Good Grant, NEGEF Grow Grant, Maine Community Foundation and the Sewall Foundation), fees for services, loan/investment interest differential and outright donations. Memberships will be an important part of the mix.

What do I get for my membership?

The principle benefit to membership will be supporting community: believing in the mission and vision of the organization, wanting to help shape and support its success, and gaining the satisfaction of seeing the greater Bowdoinham community flourish. Most importantly,  you become BCDI. It is the membership that will shape the direction of the organization, identifying community needs and suggesting ways to fill gaps and participating in volunteer actions.  It is the Members of BCDI who are eligible to participate in the Community Development Loan/Investment program: to apply for a loan that has a strong community development component, and to invest in Community Development Loan opportunities.

Additionally, as BCDI is a 501 (c) (3) organization, your Membership Contribution is tax deductible, as are any “bequests, devises, transfers or gifts” .

How do I become a member?

Membership will be annual and fees paid once a year. Joining now will cover the rest of 2017. You can be a member at different levels of support, with all levels having equal say in the organization:

$10 – Member*
$25 – Participating Member
$50 – Supporting Member
$100 – Sustaining Member
$250 or more – Founding Member


* If you wish to become a member of BCDI and $10 is not possible, please let us know and some alternative solution will be found. No one will be excluded from participating!

 Please join us and be as supportive as possible! You can join online with a credit card, PayPal or checking account using the form below or you can download and print out the application form to mail it in with a check.  Thank you for participating!

  • Andy Cutko, Chair
  • David Engler, Treasurer
  • Harriet Van Vleck, Secretary
  • Kathy Montejo
  • Abby Sadauckas
  • Brian Smith
  • Laurel Waterman-Lopez
  • David Whittlesey

Visit BCDI on FacebookFor further information, visit us on Facebook or contact us at:
1 (877) 263-7212, or Email us at

Print Out & Join Bowdoinham Community Development InitiativePrint out and mail in membership application.


BCDI Mail-In Membership Application

BCDI Mail-In Membership Application- Click image to download a copy or use online form below: