Update – 21 September

BCDI is just really getting off the ground, and the more people who are aware of what we re trying to do, the more the goal of a stronger community becomes reality. I hope you’ll take a minute to consider becoming a member if you have not already, as ultimately the membership will decide what kind of organization BCDI becomes, and what activities it will carry out.

Right now we are focusing on the farming community, as there are a number of transitions going on, creating opportunities:
  • Fishbowl Farm, the longest standing “incubator” farm on Brown’s Point is ending its production, but the farming will continue as Small Wonder Organics and Six River Farm assume some of the land that fishbowl was using, and a new farmer, who has been working at Six River, takes up the challenge. He has approached BCDI for possible support to his taking over some of Fishbowl’s equipment through the loan/investment program.
  • Matt Keggereis is trying to bring back the old Abbagadassett Farm on the Carding Machine Road, and engage the neighborhood in considering how their farms (there are a number of them) just North of the Abby on the Carding Machine Road might be brought into active production. BCDI is helping facilitate that conversation.
  • Lalibela Farm, which has been producing tempeh on the Ridge Road, may be moving to new quarters. The farmers are considering what their needs are going to be as they go through the transition, and how BCDI might help.
  • BCDI has been approached by a family looking to move to Bowdoinham are raise sheep (for fiber, not meat) How their needs might mesh with some of the changes taking place above is being explored lexapro online.

At the same time BCDI is working to develop institutionally in order to be a sustainable entity: getting the word out and encouraging membership, pursuing a few small grants, creating mechanisms to support tender business in town, building the website and Facebook page; etc.

 Please get in touch if you have ideas, inspirations or questions.

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